Adjustable Nose Bridge

S2 Masks are designed to fit most face shapes and sizes, but gaps can occur. The S2 Adjustable nose bridge ensures a perfect fit, every time.

Many improvements have been made over the previous design. The magnetic nose bridge is now easier to assemble, more secure and longer lasting.


In The Box

Adjustable Nose Bridge

1 x Custom manufactured, sterilizable, nose bridge

1 x 3M Metal Nose bridge with adhesive

2 x Neodymium adhesive silver magnets

2 x Neodymium small round magnets

+ BONUS FREE Cord Adjuster

Globally Certified

European Certification - CE + KN95

S2 ™ is produced as per standard EN14683:2019 & KN95 Standards.

The MoD S2 Mask is designed for daily use. Certified in Europe and in Asia, this is perfect mask to protect you from harmful pathogens.

S2 ™ is certified as "EN14683:2019 Type IIR." + "KN95"

Full Test Reports Available upon request.


S2 ™ Filters are independently tested by SGS Labs & Nelson Labs to ensure we meet the same filtration standards as FFP3 & N99 Mask models. FFP3 & N99 Filtration refers to filtering 99% of airborne particles larger than 0.06 micron. S2 Filters match these filtration standards. Filters should be disposed of daily.

Simple Assembly

Face Mask Assembly

Full instruction for assembly can be found:

Quick Filter Change

Filters remain effective for up to 24 hours of use.

Prolonged filter usage is not recommended.

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