Adjustable Nose Bridge

S2 Masks are designed to fit most face shapes and sizes, but gaps can occur. The S2 Adjustable nose bridge ensures a perfect fit, every time.

Many improvements have been made over the previous design. The magnetic nose bridge is now easier to assemble, more secure and longer lasting.


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In The Box

Adjustable Nose Bridge

1 x Custom manufactured, sterilizable, nose bridge

1 x 3M Metal Nose bridge with adhesive

2 x Neodymium adhesive silver magnets

2 x Neodymium small round magnets

+ BONUS FREE Cord Adjuster

Globally Certified

European Certification - CE + KN95

S2 ™ is produced as per standard EN14683:2019 & KN95 Standards.

The MoD S2 Mask is designed for daily use. Certified in Europe and in Asia, this is perfect mask to protect you from harmful pathogens.

S2 ™ is certified as "EN14683:2019 Type IIR." + "KN95"

Full Test Reports Available upon request.


S2 ™ Filters are independently tested by SGS Labs & Nelson Labs to ensure we meet the same filtration standards as FFP3 & N99 Mask models. FFP3 & N99 Filtration refers to filtering 99% of airborne particles larger than 0.06 micron. S2 Filters match these filtration standards. Filters should be disposed of daily.

Simple Assembly

Face Mask Assembly

Full instruction for assembly can be found:

Quick Filter Change

Filters remain effective for up to 24 hours of use.

Prolonged filter usage is not recommended.

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