Including replaceable filters. Protecting you from Covid-19, plus more than 99% of all bacteria, viruses and air pollutants. This mask will provide lasting protection for you and your family

Welcome To ModPPE

We are a product design company specializing in PPE.

S2 Silicone Mask + 10 Free Filters

Soft, flexible silicone mask with replaceable filters.

Back Up 5th December. S2 Filters

5 layers ffp3 / n99 level filter technology


MoD is a personal equipment design studio based in Amsterdam.

We launched our first major crowdfunding project in March 2020, the MoD S2, over the period of 3 months we gained the support of 10,000 backers from all over the world.

MoD S2 is now available for immediate delivery from Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Ohio, USA

Tested to international standards.

Our products are designed for every environment. Doctors, dentists, set builders, tube drivers and many more professionals use our products all around the world.

Tested Masks

The S2 is the first mask in our product line. Manufactured from FDA approved, medical grade silicone, this ensures a comfortable fit, long lasting product, and best of all, you can easily sterilise it at home.

Tested Filters

Tested by Nelson labs to confirm filtration of 99.9% of particles larger than 6 nanometers.

Covid-19 is approximately 6 nanometer, therefore our filters keep you protected.

S2 Filters -  99.96% BFE

Founded in 2020 by Amsterdam Product Designers.

Medical on Demand launched their first product on kickstarter in 2020. 

Raising over 1,000,000$, the MoD S2 was the most successful crowdfunded mask.


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Medical on Demand has stock available for immediate delivery in Europe, USA and China.

The team is able to source test kits, masks and other vital PPE equipment.


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