Medical on Demand BV

Product design, manufacturing & distribution

Introducing the S2

MoD S2 has been designed to offer maximum comfort and protection. 

Manufactured from, medical grade silicone,

Comfortable & Secure Fit
CE Certified to EN14683:2019 Standards
BFE > 99.96%

How did we end up here?

Local Makers Projects

Local Makers Projects is where it all begin.

3D Printing - 3D Design - Prototyping - DFM - Manufacturing. 

Helped many client launch successful products.

Kickstarter Campaign

After a troubling start to the year, due to covid. We launched our second (third?) Kickstarter campaign.

Raised over 250,000€ 
Sold 15,000 masks
3,500 customers

Indiegogo Campaign

Selected for Indiegogo InDemand.

Raised an additional 750,000€
30,000 Silicone Masks  
6,500 customers


Our e-commerce officially launched in August.

e-commerce and wholesale launched

3 fully stocked fulfilment centres around the world.

Meet the team

Mark Austen

Founder - Medical on Demand

Sylvia Effendi

Marketing & Communications

Lisa Klaver


Gabrielle Potsa